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GSPM Student Discusses Nuclear Energy with European Leaders

David Gargaro enjoyed a successful international career as an orchestra conductor for more than a decade, until 2016 when he unexpectedly found himself drawn to the world of global politics and diplomacy.

Now pursuing a master’s degree at the Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) in international politics, Mr. Gargaro finds himself deeper in world politics.

In the paper he presented, “The Global Future of Nuclear Energy,” at the 24th annual session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) on Climate Change, informally known as COP24, Mr. Gargaro describes how more than 3,500 organizations, corporations and jurisdictions have undertaken projects aimed at meeting or surpassing previously established emission-related goals for the United States set out in the Paris Accord—moves made in response to President Trump’s withdrawal from the deal. He noted that these governments and private institutions represent an $11.4 trillion economic footprint, enough to constitute the world’s third largest economy.

GSPM Director Lara Brown said she is impressed that Mr. Gargaro had the opportunity to address the European Parliament in Brussels. “We are proud that he has sought to put his passion into practice and make a difference in politics,” Dr. Brown said.

She said Mr. Gargaro’s journey through GSPM serves as an example of what the school is now offering to better train students about global politics. She cited the school’s Global Residencies Program, which offers short-term study abroad courses in international cities on the forefront of global politics and business. The program will offer residencies in Canada, China, South Africa and Washington, D.C., this academic year.

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