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David Partners with Generation Atomic to Discuss how 3D Projection Mapping May Help Nuclear Energy

Before entering the field of nuclear energy policy and research, I had a successful career as an orchestral conductor. As I made my career transition, I started to notice parallels between nuclear energy and classical music. Both industries suffer paralyzing public perception issues; both harbor an irritating inability to service the demands of their evolving client base; and both are haunted by a wealth of disinformation that has branded them unfashionable. These issues have held back both the classical music and nuclear worlds, limiting their ability to succeed in the twenty-first century.

Nuclear cooling towers loom on our horizons as symbols of a centralized industrialism that has gone out of vogue. While the advanced reactors of the future may differ, most current generation nuclear plants look as if their designers didn’t see the point of employing architects. It’s all function over form. But what if we could stop seeing cooling towers as eye-sores, and start seeing them as blank canvasses?

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