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David Speaks at European Parliament

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

European Parliament, Brussels

David Gargaro appeared as a guest speaker in Brussels at Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s collaboration with the European People’s Party Conference: EU’s Leadership in Global Climate Change.

With a broad focus of International public-private cooperation in climate action, Gargaro discussed examples for climate-friendly technologies--including small modular reactors--which benefit both the economy and environment and the legislative standards which would drive those innovations.

As outlined in the white paper he authored for the event, Gargaro declares: "With the public’s dwindling trust of energy and utility companies—coupled with their concerns for safety and ballooning energy costs—new public-private partnerships must be developed in order to usher in a more forward-thinking vision for our energy needs.

Through necessity, this vision should seek to instill reverence on an expansion of nuclear energy and offer reassurance to the public regarding safety concerns. In addition, increased public knowledge and trust of new reactor technologies should serve as the goal of any plan to boost the possibility of sparking a renewed global embrace and a much-needed celebration of nuclear energy."

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